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Enterprise Content Management
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Content Management

Looking For Scalable Content Management?

Based on 10 years experience in creating enterprise-level content-managed web presences, our Dynamic CMS lets you control your site from anywhere... even your smartphone!!!  Have your cake, and eat it too...

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Developed over the last ten years, the Dynamic Content Management Solution provides everything you need to create and manage your online presence.

Enterprise-level content management is about managing large amounts of content, re-using material, maintaining brand consistency, delivering content across multiple platforms, and managing localisation by both language and social contextualisation. Our Dynamic CMS has been architected with these principles and capabilities from the outset, giving a consistent easy-to-learn solution that truely supports an enterprise-wide devolved contribution culture.


Managing large amounts of information requires a systematic approach to storage and retrieval. Our infinitely extensible classification system allows you to create a information model that aligns with your business and markets, so that you can describe comtent in terms that are meaningful to both staff and clients. Classification allows you to present appropriate material to individuals at the right moment, providing great user experiences and personalisation.

Managing Structure and Navigation

Keeping control of a large website can be a daunting task. A clear view of how pages and sections fit together is essential, with simple work-flows for creating, publishing, and removing elements. The Dynamic CMS solution provides a site management view allowing you to navigate the structure of pages in your web site, adding pages and sections easily, naming them meaningfully, and populating them with content quickly. Using classification filters, you can easily find content to place in the page, and can create material whenever you need it, adding it to both the page and the content repository in a single action. You can even configure pages to include content that doesn't exist yet, by setting filters to pull in content automatically based on classification.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Keeping control of your brand presentation in a large site is a vital component in delivering a professional image, regardless of organisation size. The Dynamic solution uses a template system to ensure that your sites are consistent in terms of brand, including colour palette, logos and style, navigation components, typography and font consistency, and content placement. Dynamic page templates control where content can be positioned, what type of content can be presented, and deliver navigation automatically throughout the site. The templates are constructed using XSLT markup providing un-restricted flexibility, and are easy to create and update, though most of our clients choose to have templates created and maintained by our support services team.

Social Media and Devolved Contribution

The growth of social media platforms and context sharing, means that content contribution needs to be inclusive, drawing material from platforms like Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, and other subject-focussed content streams. However, for larger organisations, controlling this external content is a significant problem. The Dynamic CMS allows you to draw content from these external channels, and selectively embed it within the pages of your site, surrounding it with your own brand and content. We've even got tools to generate pages within your site automatically based on external content. 

Dynamic as an Integration Platform

The Dynamic platform supports a number of mechanisms to present information seamlessly from back-office and third-party systems as part of your web presence. Drawing together material from databases, file systems, and web service API's is easy and can be built into your Dynamic page templates so that information is included automatically with securely controlled access as required by your business model.

Deployment Services - Bringing it all together

We understand that most organisations need help in deploying a content-managed web presence. Our consultants have been delivering enterprise-level solutions for over 20 years, and will work with you from the outset to understand your business and the best approach to delivering content management into your organisation.

We'll look at a wide variety of factors to identify critical success factors, and determine benchmarks for measuring success. Together we'll look at visitor experience, user journeys, and communication touch-points to deliver the right messages to your audiences at the right time. Once we've captured a full picture of what you and your audience need from the web presence, we'll deliver a turnkey solution including design, template development, testing, and training, to get your team off to a flying start. We'll also include analytics to measure usage, traffic patterns, and other measurements, to ensure your online presence is delivering return on investment (ROI).

Life after Launch Day

Businesses and markets evolve constantly, and we believe our role is to help you keep ahead of the game, standing out from your competitors. As part of every deployment, we recommend a support and enhancement package to keep your online presence in step with your business strategy. We'll discuss this from the outset to find the right combination to suit your needs. We are a pro-active partner, and will continue to evaluate and suggest change throughout the life of your solution.

Our Dynamic solution could revolutionise your online and mobile strategy.

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At A Glance...

Nitor Dynamic Content Management System
  • Content classification
  • Translatable content
  • Edit/preview/publish workflow
  • Flexible XSL page templating
  • Automatic navigation management
  • 100% browser-based UI
  • Product and web-asset management
  • Multi-site management
  • Multi-user
  • MS SQL Server and ASP.NET
  • Extensible integration framework
  • E-Commerce modules available
  • Full support for AJAX, JQuery and CSS